USGA Invites Tom Brady to U.S. Open at Brookline

NFL legend Tom Brady officially retired from the sport on Tuesday morning, putting up a lengthy statement on his Instagram feed. 

Shortly after his announcement, USGA CEO Michael Whan took to Twitter to invite Brady to the 2022 U.S. Open at Brookline Country Club. 

“Tom Brady, I don’t like University of Michigan football or the Patriots – but you made it impossible not to root for TB12! As a dad of three, THANK YOU for giving kids a sports hero that was a a winner AND a class act. Just an idea – consider “coming home” to The Country Club for U.S. Open Golf this June?,” Whan wrote. 

The post was the retweeted by the USGA. 

While playing for the Patriots, Brady lived in Brookline right near the super exclusive Country Club. 

Brady is also a fan of the game of golf and played on occasion, most recently in The Match with Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods. 

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