PGA Tour vs Saudi-Backed League – ESPN’s Harig Breaks it Down

This week marks one of, what could be many, fascinating weeks in the world of golf – specifically pro golf. 

While the PGA Tour is at famed Pebble Beach, a good portion its top player are overseas playing in the Saudi International. 

According to golf writer Jason Sobel, just one of the top ten players in the world are at Pebble, while three of the top ten, and six of the top 20 are at Saudi. 

Of course, the reason this is all a big deal is due to the fact that Greg Norman is seeking to start is own golf league, backed by Saudi-money, to essentially compete with the PGA Tour. 

As GolfNewsRI, and others, have reported, the PGA Tour is not happy about this and has been reluctant to allow players to go over seas and play in the Saudi International. 

This is the beginning of what could be an ongoing battle between the two leagues. 

ESPN’s Bob Harig broke down the ongoing battle on the Golf Dudes Podcast.

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