CBS Golf Team Tip-Toes Around GNRI’s Question on Greg Norman’s Controversial Golf League

One of the major storylines this year in golf is the PGA Tour’s ongoing battle with Greg Norman’s controversial, Saudi-backed golf league that is being launched. 

The Tour has refused to acknowledge the league as a viable threat, while also threatening to ban players who go and join it. 

During Wednesday morning’s zoom call with the CBS golf team, GolfNewsRI asked for their thoughts on the battle between the two leagues. 

See Video Below (sorry for poor quality and my notes being in the way) 

“You know Joe, we are focused on the PGA Tour and that is where all of our attention is. Have great faith in the PGA Tour and continuing to put on the best golf product in the world, and that is what we are focused on and really nothing else at the moment,” said CBS Sports Chairman Sean McManus. 

No other participant on the call, Jim Nantz, Nick Faldo, Dottie Pepper etc…, gave a response to the question. 

A few weeks ago, ESPN’s Bob Harig joined the Golf Dudes Podcast and gave a long and detailed response to the same question, coming up with a defense for both sides of the coin. 

See Video Below

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