Memories of Metacomet: Nick Cioe, Former Member

Metacomet……a Donald Ross treasure. 

The 80’s and 90’s were magic there. The Four-Ball all was so special. it had a waiting list every year and guys would bribe you to take a place. 

I will never forget my love for Metacomet and its members. Then Joe Benevento, known just as Joe B, was the head pro. He was a great talent and a different kind of a teacher.

One year, I was in a playoff on the 2nd hole. I had never touched a ball when in play, but my friend then and former member John DeClemente noticed I was in a divot.  

PHOTO: Nick Cioe

I had taken out a 6 iron so I could get it out and over the water John said Metacomet had a house rule you could take a preferred lie on number two. I DID. So I could then hit a 4-wood. John did not tell me you had to take the lie with the club head…NOT your hand.  OOOps. I took myself out of the playoff. A penalty I will never forget.

Third hole back then. My GOD above the pin was horror. If you missed the putt you had to get your wedge for the next shot. I was so glad they fixed that green over the years. 

I always ….like most members ….took a second club that would never go by the pin.

The Four-Ball prizes, Waterford crystal for the winners and runners up. Perfect greens..perfect fairways…too much drinking but if you were in a playoff.  Well the gallery was great, a little boozed up but LOAD..funny.

I loved Metacomet. I cry when I drive by now. As much as I loved RICC (Rhode Island Country Club) where I first stepped on RICC fairways in 1951 when I was 7- years-old, I will miss Metacomet and its members there and the excitement to play that GEM. 


  • Great story Nick ! One of many reasons we are fighting to keep it green!

  • Nick – Gary and I played in the Member Guest for 14 years until I went to Ledgemont. There was nothing like it – qualifying on Wednesday and then playing thru Sunday. Lots of golf, walking, camaraderie, and great food. I still have the Waterford Crystal and wonderful memories.

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