RI’s Brad Faxon Recalls Giving Charlie Woods a Putting Lesson

Charlie Woods will once again be back in the spotlight this weekend as he teams with his dad, Tiger, at the PNC Championship for the second year in a row. 

Prior to tee off on Friday in the Pro-Am, Rhode Island’s Brad Faxon recalled giving Charlie Woods, now 12-years-old, a putting lesson at his home in Florida. 

“I think a lot of people that have seen my little posts know I have a little workshop in the garage with all these putters, and Charlie, he knows who I am — he doesn’t really know much about me, but he knows I’m a good putter. He grabbed one of the Scotty Camerons that I had on the rack and he hit a few putts into this Scotty Cameron cup that I have,” Faxon told Michael Breed on SiriusXM radio. 

Charlie Woods PHOTO: PGA Tour Champions

While Charlie was hitting a few putts, Faxon took a video of it on his phone. 

“I just kinda watched him. I was curious, ‘Charlie, do you know what your stroke looks like? Have you ever seen yourself putt?’ He says no.”

Faxon showed him the tape. 

“I showed him a face-on picture and I said, ‘What do you think?’ He said, Jeez, it looks like I move forward and my chest kinda guides through the ball.’ And I go, ‘Yeah, it does a little bit. How would you change that?’”

According to Faxon, Charlie fixed it immediately. 

“The next putt he made a stroke and absolutely changed it 100 percent. I showed it to him and he goes, ‘That’s better, I’m just going to do that,” Faxon said. 

Once again, it will be fun to watch Charlie Woods in action this weekend. 

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