Mondays with Mike Bradshaw: He’s Back?!?!

“Don’t Call it a Comeback…”, LL Cool J, 1990

The game of golf has been around for centuries, since Scotsman began whacking balls stuffed with goose feathers (Fun Fact–about a “top hat”-full of goose feathers was stuffed into every “feathery” golf ball) around while tending to their sheep. 

But there have never been practice sessions that had more eyes on them than Tiger Woods did last week in the Bahamas. 

Millions of hits, Twitter follows and Instagram likes followed each day he set foot on the range.  

PHOTO: Flickr Commons

As the song above states in the second line “..I’ve been here for years”…and Tiger has definitely been here for years.  This coming April will be the 25th Anniversary of his first Masters victory–and the golf world still revolves around him.  A post here, a peak into his future there, and the golf internet world goes crazy.

But for those who listened to his interviews last week, this “comeback” will be different. 

Tiger talked about not playing as much, playing more “social” golf (he termed it “hit and giggle”) and how he can’t hit as far as he used to after this last injury. 

In fact, he brought up Tee it Forward, an initiative a few years ago focusing on having golfers play tees that are shorter so they can enjoy the game more.  

But the best thing for golfers worldwide is seeing him back and engaged in the game after a horrific accident. 

Love him or hate him, Tiger has been THE story in golf for a quarter-century, and it looks like he will remain the same for a little bit longer. 

Like he said on Wednesday–in four years (he will turn 50 in December of 2025) he can ride a cart (aka the Senior Tour). 

Plus then he can move up a set of tees…

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