Tiger Woods Gives 1st Interview Since Accident, Press Conference Set for Tuesday

For the first time since getting in a near fatal accident last February, Tiger Woods is speaking, and expected to speak more in a press conference on Tuesday.

Just days before his tournament, the Hero World Challenge, Woods granted an interview with Golf Digest in which he spoke about his return to the PGA Tour. 

“I think something that is realistic is playing the tour one day—never full time, ever again—but pick and choose, just like Mr. [Ben] Hogan did. Pick and choose a few events a year and you play around that. You practice around that, and you gear yourself up for that. I think that’s how I’m going to have to play it from now on. It’s an unfortunate reality, but it’s my reality. And I understand it, and I accept it,” Woods told Henni Koyack in a zoom chat. 

For the first time since getting in a near fatal accident last February, Tiger Woods is speaking, and expected to speak more.
Tiger Woods

Woods added, “I don’t have to compete and play against the best players in the world to have a great life. After my back fusion, I had to climb Mt. Everest one more time. I had to do it, and I did. This time around, I don’t think I’ll have the body to climb Mt. Everest, and that’s OK. I can still participate in the game of golf. I can still, if my leg gets OK, I can still click off a tournament here or there. But as far as climbing the mountain again and getting all the way to the top, I don’t think that’s a realistic expectation of me.”

After being laid up for months after the accident, Woods has recently been seen walking unassisted and watching son Charlie’s tournaments. 

“I went to golf tournaments to watch him play, and I’m looking at some of these scores he’s shooting and I said, How the hell are you shooting such high scores? I gotta go check this out. So I’d watch him play and he’s going along great, he has one bad hole, he loses his temper, his temper carries him over to another shot and another shot and it compounds itself. I said, ‘Son, I don’t care how mad you get. Your head could blow off for all I care just as long as you’re 100 percent committed to the next shot. That’s all that matters. That next shot should be the most important shot in your life. It should be more important than breathing. Once you understand that concept, then I think you’ll get better.’ And as the rounds went on throughout the summer, he’s gotten so much better,” Tiger explained. 

Recently, there have been reports that the PNC Championship is holding a spot for Tiger and Charlie if they were to play. Judging by Tiger’s answers in this particular, it does not seem likely. 

Woods explained in the interview that he is not even at the halfway point of his recovery. 

“I have so much more muscle development and nerve development that I have to do in my leg. At the same time, as you know, I’ve had five back operations. So I’m having to deal with that. So as the leg gets stronger, sometimes the back may act up. … It’s a tough road. But I’m just happy to be able to go out there and watch Charlie play, or go in the backyard and have an hour or two by myself with no one talking, no music, no nothing. I just hear the birds chirping. That part I’ve sorely missed.”

On top of this interview, the PGA Tour announced that Woods will hold a press conference on Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. 

Surely it is one of the most anticipated press conferences in recent history, at least in relation to golf. 

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