Course Review: Shingle Creek, Florida

I played Shingle Creek Golf Club this past week. There is nothing to not like about Shingle Creek Golf Club in Orlando Florida ~ Ok, maybe the name as I think of the shingles ailment!

I really didn’t want to write this review because I want as few people to know about this course as possible – but Joe Calabro said “write it!”.  I would – and will – go back soon. 

The website identifies the course as “a (Arnold) Palmer inspired golf course” ~ a real stretch since he did not design it. 

PHOTO: Course Reviewer

The course is ideally located on Universal Blvd. in Orlando.  The greens fees / cart are priced low ~ $100 for out of state residents, $80 for Central Florida residents. After my very enjoyable golf experience there, I still cannot figure out why the low cost.  I rarely see a better golf value. 

Generally, the course is wide open and plays much longer than the scorecard would indicate.  We played at 6,600 yards and it felt like 7,200 yards. I never hit so many (potential) woods into par fours.   Fortunately for me, it was a scramble event and the woman in our foursome hit her tee shots 235 yards plus and had no business hitting from the ladies’ tees so we did well as a team.

The greens are big, real(ly hard) and spectacular ~ spectacularly undulating and difficult.  As we played a scramble charity event, we had the opportunity to play multiple shots from the same position. Sometimes it didn’t help.  On one occasion (thanks to the female in the group), we were a few feet off of the fringe on a long par 5 ~ and three chips hit the low side and missed the green by 40 feet.

The staff could not have been nicer and more accommodating.  Valet parking is mandatory ~ so it is odd to tip $10 to get your rental car that is 35 feet away.

All in all, one of the best courses in Greater Orlando with no rhyme of reason why the cost is so reasonable. 

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