Course Review: Fenner Hill – October 23, 2021

Overall, course was in great shape tee to green for a public course in October.

Greens were impossible though, you could tell they had been aerated a while back and just never grew in. 

Talked to a member who said they never used any sand after the aeration, the grass on the greens was very matted down so every putt was a hit and hope, 3 footers from pin high or above the hole were almost impossible to even keep within 6 feet if they didn’t go in.

PHOTO: Course Reviewer

Course is fun to play, but when you legit can’t hit a putt with any expectation of trying to make it, takes the fun out of the round.  

Was nice to see they put in a new short game area, I didn’t use it, but was told it was something like $5 a day and you can chip and putt all afternoon.

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