Course Review: Quidnessett – October 22, 2021

I played Quidnessett Country Club this past Wednesday. After noting my experience and writing this review, I looked to see if any online reviewers had a different perception.

It appeared to me that every available online review is about their (great, good and not-so-good) wedding reception experiences and not about the golf.

My initial perception of Quidnessett is: great location, great conditions and a course that needs updates on a few holes.

Quidnessett PHOTO: Course Reviewer

My first perception of the course is that as I am driving right through the mid course road to get to the clubhouse I am thinking “I hope everyone and their guests on each surrounding hole is an accomplished player!”. I would think many cars are hit each year as a stray ball is well with within reach of the road that splits the course. Then I saw some first hand potential auto / golfball mayhem.

The driving range is not in great shape and has few targets to keep your interest. The range boarders the 10th hole so you need to be careful if you pull your tee shot on that hole. The par threes are the weakest part of the course with the “signature hole” being the biggest offender.

The par 3 12th is not what it could be. The tee shot is out to the Bay and could be so much more beautifull.  A few trees are in the way if you draw the ball and it also hides a better view of the Narragansett Bay the from the tee ~ they really doesn’t belong there and should be cut down. The par 3 5th is an ugly hole that should be redesigned.

PHOTO: Course Reviewer

 It is a forced carry over water with bailout areas on each side.  However if you pull your tee shot to the left, you may feel like you are chipping off someone’s lawn.  I would shorten the hole and make it a semi island green. 

One hole that is perfect is the picturesque par-5 14th.  It plays along the Bay and is truly a hole that capitalizes on it’s proximity to the water. It is the best hole on the course.  

If the 14th is the best, 13 is by far the worst.  Many courses have condos comfortably adjacent to the fairways.  Quidnessett is not one of them.

These newer condos look and feel to be jammed in on the course and are way too close to the fairway. A slightly pulled tee shot on 13 will have you out of bounds and on a condo’s lawn.

PHOTO: Course Reviewer

The 18th is a strong finishing hole with a second shot forced carry. A pushed or pulled tee shot will appropriately leave you blocked out and force you to chip out and make par with an up and down. The clubhouse deck faces the Bay and is a beatufil place to have a cocktail after a round.

My overall impressions is Quidnessett is a very nice course with a few weak holes that should be changed to make the course even better.

I have no suggestion for the jammed-in condos.

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