Course Review: Melody Hill – October 21, 2021

I played Melody Hills Country Club this week. Melody Hills is an old style course in Harmony, Rhode Island.  The course was designed and built in 1967 and designed by  Sam Mitchel & Charlie Mandeville and has lasted the test of time.  

As the course was expanded from 9 to 18 holes in ’67, Charlie passed away and did not see his vision come to fruition.  His wife Marion ran the course for years until it was was sold to Tri-State Golf. 

Everyone who has played the course for a while has a funny Marion story. She ran course with a iron fist until 2017.

There were times where the course was under appreciated and unkept. It seems those days might be over.

PHOTO: Course Reviewer

There is no range at Melody Hills so if you want to hit balls first to warm up, go somewhere else first.

When I got to to the course, I saw lush green ~ everywhere ~ that I had not seen for a while.

The first hole set-up screams classic course.  It is a short 360 yard par 4 ~ except with a large tree on the right side of the fairway. You need to pick a shot shape to have a clean approach to the green. I like to draw the ball so I hit a high draw over the tree. My competitor hit a nice left to right fade back to the fairway.  

The third hole is one of my favorites. It is a straightway par 4 except for a large tree in the middle of the fairway.  Again you need to choose a drive left or right of the tree for a clear approach to the green.  

The 8th hole is a tricky par 5 which I would rate as one of the best in the state. It requires a strong fade off the tee then a draw to reach the green in two.  If you don’t work the ball well both ways, play it as a 3 shot hole.

The ninth is a very short par 4.  Unless you play carelessly, it should be an easy par / good chance for birdie.

The back is much harder than the front. The 10th is a long uphill par 4 ~ that use to be a par five ~ 98% of the golfing community will have trouble getting to this hole in regulation.  

Unless you take step back to appreciate the course, you might not notice the genius of the finishing holes. The 16th requires a fade off the tee.  The 17th requires draw off the tee ~ and 18 requires a bomb off the tee but the speed slot can be elusive.

PHOTO: Course Reviewer

Green fees with a cart are $54 during the week and $58 on the weekend.  Stories of Marion yelling at you ~ priceless. 

The knock on Melody Hills use to be – great layout, lousy conditions. Tri-State is changing that perception.

Because of the vastly improving conditions and timeless layout, I recommend the course. 

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