Course Review: Blissful Meadows – October 16, 2021

On Saturday morning 10/16/21, I played at Blissful Meadows Country Club in Uxbridge, MA. 

When I checked in at the pro shop, the young lady behind the counter could not have been nicer or more welcoming. 

I went to  get a cart and go hit some range balls to warm up. When I obtained the cart from the starter, who was equally pleasant, I found that they wanted my name, phone number etc… to have the cart.

I was told the public had really been mistreating the carts and this was their effort to reign In the damage.  

PHOTO: Course Reviewer

On the range , it is mat only ~ and although the numbers of balls allowed are generous, I estimate only about 40% are worth hitting. 

I was somewhat surprised at the cost of the green fees and cart ~ $80 ~ but I have played the course plenty of times ~ and assumed it would be the old blissful Meadows ~ boy was I wrong. 

The course ~ in my opinion ~ was a disaster.  Many tee boxes were nearly grassless. My group was losing balls in the middle of the fairway due to the number of leaves. 

Our tee time was fairly early so we were dismayed at the number of foot prints and unkept bunkers. 

PHOTO courtesy of course reviewer.

The messy bunkers could not have been from the previous groups and appeared to have not been maintained at all. 

On many tee boxes, the white tees and blue tees were near identical ~ apparently to reduce the need to clean two tee boxes.  

PHOTO: Course Reviewer

After losing balls in the middle of the fairway and enduring poor course conditions for $80, we lost interest. 

Many of the tee boxes were positioned so players hand the worst possible angle with trees right in front of the tee box. 

On the plus side, the first nine was played in two hours. The second nine was much slower. 

When we’re on 17, we saw a six-some finishing up on 18.  

Another plus is the greens were ok ~ not terrible 

I miss my old blissful meadows and will not be back anytime soon. 

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