With Member Tee Times at a Premium, TPC Clubs Take Action

It is no secret that golf has experienced a historic “boom” over the two years or so. 

The number of rounds are way up and club memberships are overflowing everywhere across the country, including here in Rhode Island. 

Now the “golf boom” is having an impact on the various TPC Network Clubs across the country, and they are taking action. 

TPC Boston 

Down the road at TPC Boston, the former home of the PGA Tour saw 289 tee times go vacant this summer due to members and guests who didn’t show up, according to an email to members from General Manager Dan Waslewski, obtained by GolfNewsRI. 

Waslewski points out the number represents almost two full days of tee times at TPC Boston. 

According to the email, starting in 2022, members who “no-show” for their time will be fined $100 by the club. 

TPC Boston PHOTO: Joe Calabro

When it comes to guest “no-shows,” the member will still be charged a normal guest fee for a no-show. 

Waslewski adds that going forward, TBDs will be removed from the tee sheet after a certain period of time. 

That period of time has not yet been determined, but 5-7 days seems to be the likely answer. 

TPC’s Across Country Ban Tour Pros

Earlier this week, TPC Sawgrass, TPC Scottsdale, TPC Las Vegas and TPC Summerlin have taken the controversial step of banning Tour pros from practicing at the facility in order to leave room for the members. 

Starting in 2022, members of the LatinoAmerica, Mackenzie and China Tours will not received playing or practicing privileges at those courses. 

“Due to the increase in utilization of TPC Network Clubs by PGA Tour, Champions and Korn Ferry Tour members and the demand of those clubs by their members and guests, members of the three International Tours will no longer receive playing or practicing privileges at TPC Sawgrass, TPC Scottsdale, TPC Summerlin and TPC Las Vegas, effective January 1, 2022,” wrote J. Andrew Pzader, Chief Tournaments & Competitions Officer at the PGA Tour, in an email obtained by Monday Q Info and posted on Twitter. 

The email adds, “PGA Tour Champions Associate Members will no longer receive playing or practice privileges at ALL TPC Network Clubs, effective January 1, 2022.” 

While this move sucks for the respective Tour pros, it is nice to see these exclusive, in some cases famous clubs, stick by their membership. 

Monday Q Info has since tweeted out responses from multiple clubs offering their facilities to Tour Pros that now need a new place to practice.   

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