GolfNewsRI’s Cappalli Playing for Kings Crossing in Ryder Cup vs Pinecrest

GolfNewsRI’s Rich Cappalli will be competing for Kings Crossing in their Ryder Cup against Pinecrest this weekend. 

In the five years that the event has existed, Kings Crossing has never defeated Pinecrest. 

“Yea, it has suck for the past five years. I have been part of two or three of them, I can’t remember. But, hopefully, we can bring a win home,” Cappalli said on The Golf Dudes Podcast. 

Saturday’s round will take place at Kings Crossing, while Sunday will take place at Pinecrest.

Pinecrest needs 27 1/2 to retain the cup, Kings Crossing needs 28 points to win it. 


Satruday will featured two nine hole matches. 

The first nine holes will be a two-man scramble, while the second nine holes will be best ball. 

Sunday’s opening nine holes will be alternate shot and then singles. 


Here are the teams and the opening round matchups: 

Kings Crossing is on the left two columns, Pinecrest is on the right.

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