RI Finishes 3rd in Women’s Tri-State Matches

The Rhode Island team finished third in the Women’s Tri-State Matches this week at Wyantenuck Country Club in Massachusetts. 

The RI team posted 138.5 points in the matches to finish behind second-place Mass Golf and first place Connecticut. 

It is the first time since 2013 that Connecticut has won the matches. 

The Rhode Island team consisted of Nancy Diemoz, Kibbe Reilly, Laura Nesteriak, Helga Lind, Kim Schold, Cheryl Jason, Jackie Booth and Leony Hartig. 

Tri-State Matches Explained 

The Tri-State Matches are the final leg of the three-day women’s amateur championship competition with players from Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

In these matches, eight players from each state competed in two simultaneous matches against competitors from the other two associations. One (1) point was awarded for every hole won, ½ point for every hole halved and zero (0) points for any hole lost.

The remaining players played in the Eaton Cup Tri-State Handicap Matches. Mass Golf maintained its title in the event, scoring 168.5 points to beat Connecticut (139.5) and Rhode Island (124).

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