Tiger Woods Rejects NBC’s Offer to be Part of U.S. Open Broadcast from Torrey Pines

The U.S. Open is returning to Torrey Pines this year, the site of one of Tiger Woods’ most improbable major victories. 

Woods won’t be playing in the tournament of course as he is still recovering from a major car crash. 

However, NBC offered Woods a role in the broadcast, which he rejected. 

“We were thinking how good that would be. Who better, if he couldn’t be there, to voice it and have him be a part of the show? But we were rebuffed. He didn’t want to do it,” said lead anchor Dan Hicks in a conference call with reporters. 

Tiger Woods

Hicks added, “I understand his situation. There is a lot going on in his world right now. There’s always a part of Tiger that he doesn’t want to become a sideshow, an event, that we should be concentrating on what’s happening. I believe that if he said ‘yes’ to something, it would be a nonstop parade of asks, and you’d have to start telling everybody ‘no.’

The last time the U.S. Open was at Torrey Pines, Woods won the tournament while playing on a Torn ACL. 

Behind the 2019 Masters, the 2008 U.S. Open might be Woods most unforgettable major victory. 

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