Koepka Calls Rivalry with DeChambeau “Good for Game”

The rivalry between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau has taken the golf world by storm over the last few weeks. 

It started with a leaked Golf Channel interview in which Koepka rolls his eyes and completely loses his train of thought at DeChambeau walks behind him. 

The leaked interview

Days later, it extended to social media with the two players throwing jabs at each other back and forth. 

“I think it’s good for the game. I really do. The fact that golf’s on pretty much every news outlet for about two weeks pretty consistently, I think that’s a good thing. It’s growing the game. You know, the younger generation — I get the traditionalists who don’t agree with it. I understand that, but I think to grow the game you’ve got to reach out to the younger generation, and I think that’s what — I don’t want to say that’s what this is, but it’s reaching out to a whole bunch of people. It’s getting golf in front of people. I think it’s good for the game,” said Koepka during his Wednesday press conference at the Palmetto Championship in South Carolina. 

To this day, no one is really sure how the video got leaked or what exactly happened. However, Koepka doesn’t have a problem with it. 

“It doesn’t bother me, honestly. I’m okay with anything I do. I don’t really live with regrets. It’s nothing I’m terribly upset about. From everybody I spoke to, it is what it is and move on,” said Koepka.

Koepka added, “As far as that was, he didn’t say anything to me. He wasn’t speaking to me. He was, I guess, either signing his scorecard or wherever he was, and I was just to the right of the media tent, or I guess right in front of the microphones where you guys all were, and I don’t want to say he was like screaming — he was saying something about how he hit a perfect shot and it shouldn’t have been there, and it was just very, very loud. I don’t think the mikes picked up on that, but it felt like just so that the fans could hear.”

He continued, “With the media right there, you kind of know, hey, look, we’re all kind of in this area, just tone it down, and it was just so loud. Then I think he realized that he had gotten right behind me, and he toned it down a little bit, but it was still — and I just lost train of thought, which I think was pretty obvious.”

Ryder Cup Issue 

It is almost a guarantee that both Koepka and DeChambeau will be on the Ryder Cup come September. 

So, that will be interesting, to say the least. 

“There’s only eight guys that are playing, four guys are sitting, whatever. I mean, I play with one other guy. I don’t understand — if let’s say I don’t play with Bryson or Bryson doesn’t play with me, he takes care of his match, and I would take care of my match, and I don’t know how that has any effect. What you do off the golf course doesn’t have any effect on the golf course,” said Koepka. 

PGA Tour Getting Involved 

The most recent chapter of the rivalry came last week at The Memorial when, reportedly, several fans were thrown out for yelling “Lets go Brooks” at DeChambeau. 

Afterward, DeChambeau said the Tour needs to get involved. 

Koepka was asked if he has heard from the Tour at all on this issue. 

“I speak with the TOUR all the time. We speak maybe once a week, once every other week, just about what’s going on out here, how to better the TOUR, the game, players. We speak all the time. We’re always in constant communication,” said Koepka. 

Brooks Koepka PHOTO: Getty Images/PGA Tour

Koepka sent a case of free beer to anyone who got kicked out of the tournament. 

Only time will tell what the next chapter of this rivalry holds.  

Perhaps a U.S. Open round together? 

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