Mary-Kate O’leary: Celebrating International Women’s Golf Day in RI

Tuesday is International Women’s Golf Day.

Yes, a day for Women to celebrate playing Golf. 

Women’s Golf day is an event celebrating girls and women playing golf and learning the skills that last a life time. 

It is a collaborative effort to organize Women’s Golf Events Nationally and Internationally to engage, empower and support girls and women through golf. 

The LPGA Amateurs RI Chapter, also a national group,  will host Women’s Golf Day at Alpine Country Club to over 90 Women.

“It is amazing to see so many women come out and play, relax and network together.  They are women of all skill levels and it really is about empowering and encouraging women to branch out and play with others,” stated JoAnn Zerbo, President of the RI Chapter.  

She adds, “Hopefully more women are willing to join the LPGA RI Chapter as it is a safe place to learn to play golf and it also provides a great national connection to play competitively.” 

Mary-Kate O’Leary is the Communications Director of the LPGA Amateur RI Chapter. 

Separate from golf, O’Leary also serves as the Executive Director of  A Wish Come True. 

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