BREAKING: East Providence City Council Votes Against Eminent Domain

In a special meeting on Thursday night, the East Providence City Council voted to move forward with developing Metacomet Golf Club. 

The council voted against eminent domain and for development.

PHOTO: Ian Mutti

“Tonight’s vote against eminent domain was a whack in the face to all of us who trusted our elected officials to look out for our best interests. Only Councilwoman Sousa stood with us and acknowledged the harm to our community that will come from developing Metacomet. Thank you, Councilwoman. Tomorrow, KMG picks itself off the floor, dusts itself off and starts in again to get the best possible outcome for our neighbors who will be most impacted and for our entire community,” wrote Keep Metacomet Green Administrator Candy Seel

It is unclear which plan from Marshall will be approved.

Their latest plan included keeping nine holes of the golf course.

Story is developing..


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