Mary-Kate O’Leary: LPGA Amateur RI Chapter Seeks New Members

For new women golfers, it is often difficult to know where to begin. It can be intimidating and expensive to join a Country Club. 

I started golfing five years ago.  Until then, I had never picked up a golf club, and was new to Rhode Island. 

I had no idea about the rules of the game.  

Enter the LPGA Amateur RI Chapter.

PHOTO: LPGA Amateur RI Chapter

I took lessons at Button Hole to understand the clubs and then reached out to what was then known as the Executive Women’s Golf Association. 

It was/is an amazing group of women who are willing to connect, have patience and teach you along the way and help you belong. 

The 140 members range from new golfers to those that want to just play with their friends weekly, to competitive golfers that compete against other states.  

We have all been a new golfer and we know how scary it can be, but this group really is a teaching group.  

There are weekly leagues at Fall River Country Club, Swansea Country Club, Triggs, North Kingston and Cranston Country Club. They also have weekend events for all levels.  

Two years ago, they changed their name to LPGA Amateur RI Chapter.  

If you are interested in joining please contact Linda Soares at  

Mary-Kate O’Leary is the Communications Director of the LPGA Amateur RI Chapter. 

Separate from golf, O’Leary also serves as the Executive Director of  A Wish Come True. 

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