V Golf, Louisquisset Receive Perfect Covid Compliance Scores

Two Rhode Island golf businesses received perfect Covid-19 compliance scores, according to the RI Department of Business Regulations latest list. 

The two businesses are V-Golf in Cranston and Louisquisset Golf Club in North Providence. 

Louisquisset Golf Club PHOTO: Louisquisset Facebook

“During the week of March 28 – April 4, the following establishments were inspected by the COVID-19 Enforcement Task Force and found to be in full compliance with COVID-19 guidelines and safety regulations. This list is not an indicator of past or future compliance,” writes the RI Department of Business Regulation. 

It is important to point out that it is unclear how many golf clubs were inspected during this time period. 

See the full list HERE

Inspections Picking Up?

As GolfNewsRI reported a few weeks ago, Newport Indoor Golf was the first golf related business to appear on either list since last October. 

GolfNewsRI inquired about this to the Department of Business Regulations several weeks ago via an email exchange: 


The DBR has been updating the violations list for businesses and also the list of businesses that have followed protocols for a certain time frame. 

For the last couple of months or so, there haven’t been any golf clubs or related businesses on either list and was just curious if there was a reason. 

DBR Director Elizabeth Tanner’s Response: 

“At DBR, much of our resources are dedicated to working with businesses to help them come into compliance. The list of enforcements represent those who – despite our best efforts – did not come into compliance. A business’s absence from this list does not necessarily equate to a measure of its safety. We very much appreciate the efforts of Rhode Island’s business community during this difficult time, but the virus is still very much around us and we must continue to be vigilant in our battle for public health.”

It is important to note that GolfNewsRI was not implying any wrong-doing (or right-doing for that matter), by any club or industry participant.

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