Chatfield Continues Rise in PGA Tour University Rankings

Former Rhode Island Amateur Champion Davis Chatfield is continuing his rise in the PGA Tour University Rankings. 

In the most recent rankings, Chatfield is ranked 223rd out of nearly 500 college players.

It is Chatfield’s highest ranking to this point. 

Davis Chatfield PHOTO: Notre Dame Athletics

Meanwhile, URI’s Chris Francoeur is ranked 308th in the PGA Tour University rankings. 

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Chatfield Rises 

So far this season at Notre Dame, Chatfield has seen big success. 

Most recently, Chatfield finished 18th at the Augusta Haskins Award Invitational, while Notre Dame notched a third place finish. 

Currently in the rankings, Chatfield is just six points behind Garrett Wood, who ranks 220th. 

With Notre Dame getting ready for NCAA Tournament play, expect Chatfield’s stock to climb.

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