Hamilton Releases First Details of World Cup of Design Course

Rhode Island’s Mike Hamilton released the first details of his golf course that he is entering in the World Cup of Design for PGA Tour 2K21. 

The course is named Kootenay Club and is located in southeastern BC. 

“Excited to ramp up towards releasing my World Cup of Design entry in the coming weeks with TGC Tours. Kootenay Club (KOOT-nee) is a resort style course built in the Kootenay Region of southeastern BC. Each day I will release a hole by hole description, starting today with a Logo,” writes Hamilton on Twitter.

See the first details in the slideshow below.

GolfNewsRI will track Hamilton’s course and his run in the World Cup of Design throughout the coming weeks and months.

World Cup of Design 

As GolfNewsRI reported, The World Cup features the top 32 course designers in the world. 

Designers have to build an 18-hole course from scratch, and it can not be a real course. They have from now until March 31 to finish the course.

The designers then post pictures of the progress and a story on the course, before it gets judged over the spring.

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