Players React to 4 Hour Wind Delay at Genesis Invitational

The conclusion of the Genesis Invitational’s third round will take place early Sunday morning after it was delayed for four hours on Saturday due to …. high winds. 

That’s right, it was too windy for the pros to play as gusts got up to 35 miles per hour. 

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Sam Burns PHOTO: Getty Images/PGA Tour

“At the start of the day in pretty pleasant conditions and we’re expecting to have winds of 10, 15 miles an hour during the morning hours with some gusting winds to pick up later in the day, but obviously these gusts picked up a lot earlier than we expected, gusts up to 35 miles an hour at some point,” said Senior Tournament Director Steve Rintoul. 

The winds were so high that they caused balls, that were putted, to roll off the green, when clearly, they should not have. 

“We had some balls move around on the putting greens, which we were able to deal with under the rules,” said Rintoul. 

He adds that it ultimately came down to safety. 

“We had a piece of communications equipment fall down very close to some players on the 14th tee, which really makes us as a committee step back and say maybe we need to go ahead and suspend now because it gets really more dangerous out there and that was ultimately the decision.”

So, Sam Burns enters Sunday with a two shot lead over Matthew Fitzpatrick. He has five holes left in his third round. 

See player reaction below: 

Tony Finau 

“Extremely tough. I feel like any holes you were making par you felt good about it. I mean, my seventh year out here now, I’ve never seen Riv play this tough. I think we’ve had some tough conditions with poa annua greens, windy conditions, I mean, it’s a recipe for some disastrous holes if you don’t watch out. So I think you probably saw some of that today, extremely tough.” 

Dustin Johnson 

“I mean, the conditions were tough all day. You know, obviously the wind’s blowing pretty strong and greens are firm and fast. It’s difficult, but it’s a fair test, and obviously come out tomorrow and see what I can do.”

Sam Burns 

“I mean, the golf course is playing really tough. It’s a hard golf course with no wind and then you get 20-plus and it makes it that much harder. I think we did a good job of just trying to put it in the right spots and go from there.” 

Max Homa

“It was really hard. You know, even the wind subdued maybe a little bit from when we got called off, we only played a hole, but it was still so firm and you’ve got some of these holes downwind, and even if you’re in the fairway it’s hard to control the ball. So it’s very difficult, you’ve just got to be patient, leave it as many times as you can putting or chipping into the wind and see what you can do. It’s a tricky golf course without wind.”

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