ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt Tests Positive for Covid-19

ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt has tested positive for the coronavirus, the famous anchor announced on Thursday. 

Scott Van Pelt PHOTO: University of Maryland

“Won’t be doing shows for a bit after a positive Covid-19 test. Thankfully, no fever & I feel fine. Just can’t smell or taste anything which was my clue to go get a test. So, I will hunker down and hopefully can be back at it before too long,” wrote Van Pelt in a tweet. 

Van Pelt anchors the midnight SportsCenter and is a noted fan of Golf. 

In fact, he got his start at the Golf Channel when it first launched. 

His rise to fame came when he snagged an exclusive interview with a young phenom named Tiger Woods. 

Van pelt anchors ESPN’s Masters coverage at Augusta National on a yearly basis. 

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