GolfNewsRI Completes Revamp

GolfNewsRI has completed a revamp of the website and other branding materials over the last few days. 

The logo has also been revamped with the help of the branding company Fiverr. 

“It has been a long couple of days and nights, but we are excited for everyone to see and explore the new look website. We think its more dynamic, cooler looking and has more content options,’ said GolfNewsRI co-founder Joe Calabro. 

The new website features links to GolfNewsRI’s social media accounts on the top right and a cool video wall slider which features up to ten stories. 

There is also a block on the right for viewers to subscribe to the blog. It is as simple as just entering your email. 

The last major change to the website is the Golf Dudes Podcast section. Going forward, the section will consist of all podcasts and podcast related content past and present. 

GolfNewsRI also has other things they will be unveiling, including merchandise and more. 

Next Revamp 

Speaking of The Golf Dudes Podcast. 

Over the next few days to a week, GolfNewsRI will be revamping its Golf Dudes Podcast. 

The Podcast will still provide the same great content and conversation, but in a better format with a more professional look, making it easier to get guests. 

“We love the Golf Dudes Podcast and we think it can be something that we brand separately. But, with that said, we are looking forward to making it better, more content based and adding guests on a consistent basis,” Calabro added.

Changes include better-produced segments, music and more.

We hope you join us in two Thursday’s from now when the Golf Dudes return.  

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