Well, we made it through our first year/first golf season. 

Since launching in mid-April until now, GolfNewsRI has done just over 45,000 page views and written over 900 stories – and counting. 

The Golf Dudes Podcast has done 100s of views and triggered great audience participation throughout the season.

Thank to everyone for the support, for following us along as we continue to try to build this thing up and for helping us out along the way. 

Huge thank you to Kings Crossing Head Golf Professional Peter Walsh, Golf Professional Rick Holcomb, Kirkbrae’s Mike Bradshaw for writing, and thank you to the New England PGA for supporting the idea and sending press releases and pictures after every round of every tournament. 

They all helped give us some credibility right off the jump, which was important. 

Also, thanks to all the golf courses for pictures, news etc.. Hopefully, we were able to help you out a little bit in that regard. 

So thank you to everyone. We appreciate you all. 

The Revamp

For us, the real work begins now. 

Over the next week or so, we will be revamping the entire website. Our current website model is nice and easy, but it is a bit old. 

We will be switching over to a more dynamic model that will better display our content. 

Rich and I will also be working to revamp The Golf Dudes Podcast. 

Of course, we will still provide the same great content and conversation, but in a better format with a more professional look, making it easier to get guests. 

There will be NO Golf Dudes Podcast for the next two weeks. But we will be back better than ever.

GolfNewsRI is working on a few other really cool projects, both content wise, and marketing wise, and those will be announced in the near future. 

Now, as we take some time to revamp, here are my thoughts on our year:

What Went Well 

RI Amateur Coverage 

The Rhode Island Amateur PHOTO: Joe Calabro

I really liked our coverage of the Rhode Island Amateur. I thought the live blog was great, got a lot of interaction. We had articles up as soon as the days or matches were over and that was good.

The Facebook LIVE’s and videos from the event were fine. 

We can do better and I’m looking forward to seeing how much better we can do at next year’s Amateur. 


Metacomet PHOTO: Paul Work

GolfNewsRI’s coverage of Metacomet’s final days was unmatched. 

Thanks to everyone who sent in incredible photos of the final days or their last rounds at the historic golf course. 

Special thanks to Raymond Palazzo, who played the FINAL ROUND, at Metacomet and wrote a great article on it for us. That was awesome.  

Club Championships 

I think we got every course’s Club Championship results up either the day of the event or the next day. Which is good. 

We were also able to embed some of the videos from the matches. The amount of clutch putts and chips there were this season was fantastic. 

Covering the club championships and local tournaments is the heart and soul of what we are trying to build. We will continue to cover them next year, but hopefully with a little more depth. 

What We Did Poorly 

Feature Stories

We failed (epically?) on feature stories/videos on some of the local golfers and or events. 

We did very few this year and that needs to improve greatly. We need to be more aggressive in this category. 

There are so many great stories out there, and we will get them. 

The Golf Dudes Podcast 

The Golf Dudes

We are going through a complete revamp of the Podcast over the next couple of weeks. 

Upon our return, we seek to do a better job getting guests on, both local guests, and national. 

Folks tune in to hear the guests, not necessarily us talk the entire time. 

Making the Podcast a little more professional, a little better produced, and no audio delays will make getting guests a lot easier – That is all coming. 

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