Golf Channel’s Tiger Tracker Returns – For Now

Golf Channel’s legendary Tiger Tracker is back – for now. 

After being MIA for several weeks, and missing the Zozo, Tracker returned to Twitter on Monday to announce the he will be back for the Masters. 

However, as has been speculated, his future seems uncertain as Golf Channel undergoes major changes. 

Tiger Tracker tweeted out the following message: 

“So before we get into the fun stuff, we need to have some #realtalk. As you know GC is in the midst of significant change. It’s a big reason why I was MIA for Zozo – the 1st time in years TW teed it up and I wasn’t there. Not my intention, but it happened.

Where things go from here remains to be seen. There’s a strong chance the future involves a hiatus for me and this account. But for now, we’re here. No matter how things play out, know that there was no chance I was going to miss Tiger Bleeping Woods defending the green jacket.

So let’s have some fun this week. Crack a cold one or 6, reminisce on the good times and dig in for a wild fall Masters with a certain five-time champ. The rest after this will sort itself out.”

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