Mickelson to Try 47 1/2 Inch Driver at Masters

The Bryson DeChambeau effect kicking in? – maybe. 

Phil Mickelson announced that he will be trying a 47 1/2 inch driver at next week’s Masters. 

On a Callaway Golf podcast released on Tuesday, Mickelson said that he is hoping to hit the ball at least 315-320 yards at the Masters. 

“If you can fly it [that distance] there you have a chance to take advantage of some of those holes. For example, No. 1, if you can carry that bunker, it’s a sand wedge in, and you’re thinking birdie. If you have to hit a 3-wood off of the tee and go to the side, or if you can’t carry it and you have to play more to the left, it’s a 6- or 7-iron into the green, so you’re thinking par. So there’s the ability to attack a number of holes if you can fly the ball a little bit farther,” said Mickelson. 

This is not the first time that Lefty has tried something crazy at Augusta. Back in 2006, Mickelson brought two drivers to Augusta and ended up winning the tournament. 

He did the same thing last year, and missed the cut. 

How Will Augusta Play 

On the podcast, Mickelson also discussed how Augusta will play. 

As has been reported, the tournament will tee off earlier and end earlier due to the lack of light. 

Players will also go off of both tees. 

“At about 6 o’clock at night, when the wind dies and you’re going through Amen Corner, without any wind, you can be much more aggressive and not have as big a fear of the wind swirling and pulling the ball into the water on 12, and 13, and 15 and so forth. And so you have much better playing conditions the later you tee off in April,” Mickelson said.

He added, “But because it’s going to be dark by 5 o’clock, and I think we’re set for a 3 o’clock finish, that may not be the case. Because the leaders are going to be going through the back nine with swirling winds just like the rest of the field. And I think that you might see the winner come from the group that is three or four groups ahead of the final pairing this year.”

Mickelson will play this week at the Houston Open, before heading over to Augusta.

PHOTO: Peedlesnumber1/wikipedia

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