New Bedford’s Whaling City Golf Course to be Redeveloped

Whaling City Golf Course, just over the line in New Bedford, is set to be developed – at least partially. 

New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell announced that the city will build an “Advanced Manufacturing Campus” on 100 acres of the 275-acre property. 

The campus will add 1,000 jobs, according to the Mayor. 

“It’s at a heightened elevation so very little in the way of wetlands, no contamination. Then, you have right here the intersection of two major highways. Then, you have on the backside a rail spur and then the airport right there. It’s really a testament for what it takes of an older industrial city to actually reposition itself,” said Mitchell. 

Whaling City Golf Course PHOTO: Facebook

It is uncertain what will happen with the golf course. 

Options include keeping it an 18-hole course, or turning into a 9-hole course. 

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However, under the proposal, a new clubhouse and parking areas will be built, and a driving range and practice area is also being considered. 

So it appears that one way or the other, there will be a golf course.

Whaling City Golf Course issued this statement on their Facebook Page: 

“The city has kept us informed of their plans and we feel confident that the mayors commitment to the city and the golf community will result in a positive outlook for the whale in the future. As we learn factual information we will share it. We will be contacting our membership and are available to answer any questions. We thank you all for your support during the last three years and look forward to more good years ahead.”  

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