Course Review: Alpine – October 15

I got the chance to play Alpine the other day with a few buddies, one of whom is a member and got us on.

I hadn’t played Alpine in a couple of years, at least, and was excited to do so.

First, when we pulled in, the bag room manager was there to take our golf bags out of the car and load them onto golf carts for us, which was nice.

Overall, the day was great.

The par 3 ninth at Alpine. PHOTO: Joe Calabro/GolfNewsRI

We went out and played, didn’t wait on any hole and were able to play and enjoy the day. We finished the round in a little less then four hours or so.

The greens and tee boxes were in spectacular condition.

On the front nine, I struggled to get the speed of my putts right, but did a little better on the back nine.

Most of the fairways were fine, but a few had some rough patches.

Like many courses, Alpine has had a tough summer when it comes to the lack of well water, and just water in general. They had to “sacrifice” the fairways to keep the tee boxes and greens in tip-top shape.

If you were off the fairway, it was tough to find your ball because of all the leaves everywhere.

However, this is going to be pretty much the case at every course during this time of year – so keep the ball in the fairway.

Overall, it was a great day at Alpine and I really enjoyed my time.

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