East Prov Mayor “Exploring Options” Regarding Metacomet

East Providence Mayor Bob DaSilva is exploring options available to the City regarding Metacomet Golf Club. 

This comes a day after Representative Gregg Amore proposed that the City take the property by eminent domain. 

Metacomet Golf Club is set to close on Wednesday, September 30. 

DaSilva issued the following statement: 

“I do appreciate Rep. Gregg Amore’s support on this issue. Acquiring this property would be a very expensive proposition and a burden to our taxpayers at a time when we are building and financing a state-of-the-art $189 million high school and dealing with financial uncertainties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We welcome any financial assistance from the state that Rep. Amore may be able to offer to help to fund any type of acquisition. As mayor, I would welcome the opportunity to purchase this property for residents to enjoy for generations to come. I believe eminent domain is an option that should only be used as a last resort.”

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