NBC Slammed for Moving U.S. Open Coverage to Peacock App

The U.S. Open began on Thursday morning at Winged Foot in New York and folks were angry when coverage switched over to a new phone app.

The U.S. Open started on Golf Channel early in the morning, then switched to NBC at 2 p.m., both were fine.

However, starting at 5 p.m., coverage of the tournament switched to NBC’s new app “Peacock” which can be downloaded for free on just about any phone. 

That is when people, including golf fans and media types became annoyed. Some more than others.

See the reaction below:

No Laying Up Podcast: 

“I get starting your coverage in the morning on a streaming app. It feels like bonus coverage and it complements the main TV coverage. But making people switch to Peacock at 5 PM is…. questionable. Right as people are done working and going to their TV to watch. Might get ugly.”

New York Post Sportswriter Peter Botte: 

“I know NBC wants to sell Peacock streaming subscriptions, but people don’t buy big TVs only to be forced to watch major events like the US Open on their phones or laptops.”

Brian Wacker, Golf Digest 

“Imagine being told at the start of this year that you’d have to stream the last 2 hours of the opening round of the US Open on something called Peacock …”

Christopher Powers, Be Right Podcast/Golf Digest 

“To the “it’s so easy to stream people,” I am one of you. Normally i figure this stuff out in 2 seconds. For some reason this is not one of those times

You know what’s REALLY easy? Just leaving the golf on the TV alone. Just … letting it continue to be on the TV.”

Rod Haberer, Retired News Producer, Author 

“This is f’n ridiculous.  To watch the U.S. Open, we have to download NBC’s Peacock TV streaming service, and watch it on my f’n phone?  I don’t want to watch it on some stupid phone app, I want it on my big screen.  F NBC.”

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  • If you have Cox Cable it’s super easy. Go to contour and download, takes 20 seconds, then put in your email, boom you’re in.

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