Marshall Warns “Status Quo” of Metacomet is Not An Option, No Plan C

With a third zoom meeting scheduled for Thursday evening, Marshall Development is warning East Providence residents that there is no Plan C and the “status “quo” of Metacomet is not an option. 

“The Metacomet Country Club as we all know it will no longer exist. There are many reasons for the club’s demise and none of them have to do with Marshall Properties. The only question that remains is what will the future of the Metacomet property look like,” said Lianne Marshall, principal at Marshall Properties. 

As GolfNewsRI reported, the meeting will take place at 6 p.m. on Thursday on  Zoom. 

Plan A and B 

Marshall believes the best use of the property (Plan A) would be to preserve over 50% of the acreage as open space while developing a residential community with light office, retail and restaurants that will seamlessly integrate with the community. 

Plan A requires a zone change and a hearing is scheduled for September 25 before the East Providence City Council to consider the change.

“In the event that the city elects to reject Plan A and keeps with current zoning, the Marshall’s are prepared to advance development of the property under Plan B, which has recently been submitted to the City of East Providence in the form of a Master Plan application,” writes Marshall. 

Plan B does not require a zoning change and the property can be developed by-right under its current zoning designation for several uses, including hospital uses, public and private educational uses, live/work spaces, various private club uses, youth camps and municipal facilities. 

Plan B will not provide for public access, public open spaces, or walking trails. 

Plan B does not have lush vegetative buffers that exceed required setbacks. Plan B is less green with more developed area. 

No Plan C

About a plan C, Marshall says “there is no plan C and the status quo is not an option, as the golf course will cease to operate in October.”

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