Mondays With Mike: Noonan & The U.S. Open


Yes, it’s US Open week and the forecast (golf, not weather) is calling for a heavy dose of rough and icy putting surfaces at what may possibly be the hardest of the Open hosts, Winged Foot, in nearby New York.  

But while the Dalai Lama isn’t playing this year and I don’t think the heavy stuff is going to come down for a while (probably all week since the weather looks pretty good), “Danny Boy” is present and ready to do his best as a US Open looper.  

Well, actually he’s only caddying for the first two practice rounds…and not for a Tour player but for PGA club professional Danny Balin who is in the field this week.  But anyway, the amazing thing is that 40 years after Caddyshack made its’ debut in theaters, I bet a good percentage of you looked at the picture above and knew who the guy on the left was…  

So that means two things.  The first is that Danny (real name Michael O’Keefe) is in pretty good shape as he looks almost the same as he did four decades ago in the movie.  The second is the amazing grip that this one movie has upon a sport.  Golfers worldwide throw quotes from the movie around—in many different languages—and grab a laugh or two.  I mean, who hasn’t gone swimming in the pool..or the pond…but the pond will be good for you?? 

The players at this year’s Open will be feeling like the Havercamps sometimes with the brutal conditions that they’ll be facing.  Predictions are for a winning score above par for the first time in years.  Even ole’ Billy Baroo won’t help them when Winged Foot bares its’ teeth.  But at the end of the week, someone will be crowned US Open Champion…

And at least they’ve got that going for them….

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