GolfNewsRI Review: PGA Tour 2K21

For a long time, fans of golf and their corresponding video games had a spoil of riches with the EA sports Tiger Woods PGA Tour games being able to set the standard of what constitutes a realistic and fun representation of golf games.

Once EA sports stopped making golf games after the poorly received Rory McIlroy PGA tour in 2015, there have been few companies that have tried to enter the market for a golf game fans and gamers would both appreciate.

After a few years, we may finally have the game we’ve wanted with PGA Tour 2k21.

To start off though, it is important to note that while there are 12 pros in the game and 15 licensed courses (with more pros and courses promised in the future) you cannot play as any of the pro golfers, like you could in the Tiger Woods games.

Instead you create your own golfer (much like 2k sports other prominent game series NBA2k) and you rise through the ranks starting in Q-school and eventually earning your own tour card to compete against some of the top golfers in the world, though you will only see them in brief clips.

This is where the game really shines as you are able to customize your player with a variety of different clubs (which all provide different stat boosts) as well as being able to get sponsorship contracts for companies such as Bridgestone, Callaway, Taylor Made, Adiddas, Under Armour, Wilson, among others. 

Gameplay wise, it is a system that they have made easy to learn but difficult to master.

Like in a real golf match, you will need to know when to fade or draw a shot while taking into account the weather, especially the wind, for every single shot to be able to avoid the rough or other hazards on the course.

All the courses were recreated to their real life counterpart such as Riviera CC, TPC Boston, and TPC Scottsdale to name a few.

Though as you get closer, the small details of trees not moving, spectators remaining still and not moving away from a golf ball heading in their direction leaves some disappointment in the graphics as people are accustomed to more realism in games here in 2020. 

  But even with all of that, this game is a solid foundation for what can come in the future, not just for this game but for future games in the series.

It offers “online societies” where you can create and join leagues with friends to create your own events for you to compete in, and the game also allows you to design your own courses whether you want to make your own or try and recreate Augusta National, it offers a great deal to keep you coming back day in and day out.

It’s got something that will satisfy everyone with promises of even more to come in the upcoming months. 

 PGA Tour 2k21 is available now on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia. 


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