Course Review: Louisquisset – August 14, 2020

I had the chance to play Louisquisset golf course on August 14.  This is a nice little 9 hole private course that offers some tee times through Golf Now. 

It is worth the $40 for 18 holes. 

I am a 10-12 handicapper that hasn’t played in while so it was an ok track to reacquaint myself with the game. The weather was hot so no stretching was required to get loose. But my shirt was so wet with sweat it was like I was swinging underwater. 

The first hole is a tight fairway with OB on both sides and a pond right in front of you. After whiffing on my first swing like I had never played mini golf let alone regular golf I promptly put my next shot nicely 5 yards behind the ladies tees. I know the rules so I played the rest of the hole with my pants down. The breeze on my nether regions seemed to spark something in me and I cleaned up the rest of the hole with an easy 8. 

The second hole is short par 4 with trouble on the right. So avoiding the trouble I smashed my drive directly into one of the condos as if they were paying me to do some demo work. Good news is it bounced back into play and after another shot I chipped in for birdie. 

The third hole I affectionately call devil’s a*@hole as it’s a tight par 5 that leaves no room on the right. For someone that shades it a tad to the right just kill yourself. My tee shot was beautiful arcing ball that made its way a tad to the right into the street that runs along the hole and sounded like it caused a small 5 or 6 car pile up. I used the old ball falling out of the pocket trick on my next shot and put myself in prime position to get on the green. 

I didn’t. I topped the ball in such a way that it drove itself 5 or 6 inches into the ground. Managed to bunt the next one a few yards from the green and cleaned it up for my quad. The fourth hole is a relatively simple 165 yard par 3. Of course it’s only simple if you don’t short side yourself in a green side bunker. Due the pandemic there are no rakes right now so my ball landed in what looked like Andre the Giant’s footprint. 

Needless to say, throw a triple on the card.

 The 5th hole is another par 3. This course has three of them. This one is a straight shot but has OB on the left and a big tree guarding the green on the right. I blocked my tee shot right and had to contend with the tree. After scaring a few squirrels and a Keebler elf I made a smooth 5.  

The 6th hole is dog leg right with OB on the right and a large tree in the middle of the fairway. On this hole I smoked my drive like the salmon on a lox bagel and put myself in perfect position. 

A patented Mikey longsrives Drive. The rust was still on me though and I limped in with another double. The 7th hole is a dog leg left with a tight window on the drive. By this point I could feel the juices flowing back into my loins and the long drive was back. 

I put myself in perfect position and hit a smooth 8 iron to the green. Like a heat seeking missle it careened off the flag stick and left me with a short 40 foot putt for birdie. Like DJ on a Sunday I left the putt short. 

I made my first par of the day. By this point my shirt looked like I had taken a dip in the pond on one. Which I could have to find one of my balls but I hit a ladies maxfli off the tee as a precaution. By the 8th hole, a short par three, I was feeling like Rocky in the back alley with Tommy “machine” Gunn in front of me.

 I took a mighty swing with my wedge and skulled one directly into the creek that runs in front of the green. I made my way to the creek and put on my galoshes and slapped my way onto the green. I put my tail between my legs and put the four on the card. 

That brought us to 9. A tough little par 4 that is a severe dogleg to the right. I put my drive right where I needed to be but unlike my last few drives I didn’t get all of it which left me with a poke to the green. 

I pulled out my 2 hybrid and made solid contact. After the club finished twirling in my hand I saw that my ball made a detour to the left headed right for the 7th tee. After a very awkward conversation with the guys on the tee I found my ball a stones throw from their feet. Feeling a little rattled I chunked my next shot and made another double. 

I guess that’s a long way of saying the course was in decent shape.

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