Mondays with Mike Bradshaw: Playoff Time

“PLAYOFFS??  You want to talk about PLAYOFFS??”—Jim Mora, HC of Indianapolis Colts

Yes, Jim… We are going to talk about the playoffs. As in the PGA Tour playoffs (aka FedEx Cup) that begin down the road at TPC Boston this weekend. While this season seems like it just began, it is actually only 3 weeks away from ending.

PHOTO: Angela George

A week that is usually a showcase for the area (especially Providence since most of the players stay there instead of Boston) and Southern New England golf has been relegated to a small footnote on the sports calendar in 2020.

But the money is still there so you’ll have star-studded fields in all three events.  The Top 125 will be playing Norton this weekend trying to advance to the top 75 and Olympia Fields outside Chicago next week. 

The following week will once again feature the Top 30 in the year-ending Tour Championship at East Lake in Atlanta.

So, the professional golf season is ending…kind of.  While the PGA Tour says it is, the golfing action is really just heating up. 

The U.S. Open at Winged Foot follows closely on the heels of the Tour Championship in mid-September…and who can forget that we get the Masters in November!!! 

So even if the PGA Tour wants to lead us to believe that the season is over, there is still tons of great golf for your viewing pleasure in the coming months. 

Schedules have changed (and changed…and changed…) but now it’s time for you to sit back and enjoy the view as the best in the world battle it out more frequently than ever…

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