East Prov Mayor DaSilva Urges Residents to Attend Metacomet Public Hearing

East Providence Mayor Bob DaSilva is urging residents to attend and take part in Tuesday night’s City Council meeting and public hearing on Metacomet Golf Club. 

The meeting takes place at 6 p.m. at 111 Brown Street. 

DaSilva said the following in a statement:

As an elected official I base my opinions on the evidence and facts placed before me. I base my decisions on what is good for the entire community. I try not to prejudge before the process has had an opportunity to move through all of the public hearings that are prescribed by law.

Our city is facing some serious financial challenges during this pandemic. As our administration works on preparing the 2020-2021 budget for our council to consider, we are facing some unexpected employee health care and pension increases as well as the challenge of funding the new high school’s debt payments that will come due in a couple of years.

I look at smart economic development in our city as a way to continue giving our residents the quality of life they have come to expect as well as an opportunity to take the tax burden off of our residential rate payers.

I have been advocating for our residents to ensure that whatever ends up being developed at the Metacomet Country Club, It is something that fits into the fabric of our neighborhood and our community.

I am thrilled to see the community engaged in this very public process. It is my belief that our voices have collectively already had a major impact on the scope of this project proposal. 

Your voice matters and is being heard. In a project of this magnitude community involvement and input is absolutely critical. 

I encourage you to attend this city council meeting to share your ideas.” 

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