Mondays With Mike Bradshaw: Golf’s Next Superstar?

“Oh, What a night…”—Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons

After a weekend of primetime golf action at the PGA Championship (well, it was night time here at least), the game has a new star in the rise.

Collin Morikawa hit what may be the best golf shot in decades on the driveable par-4 16th to set himself for an eagle and what ended up being an insurmountable lead.

Morikawa has been a shooting star on Tour since turning pro last summer, with three wins and 27 made cuts in only 29 total events.  And he does it all with solid all-around play.

He’s not the longest driver of the ball.  He’s not the best with approach shots and he’s not the best putter.  But thus far in 2020, he seems to be the best at putting it all together…and especially when, as the pundits say, “the chips are down.”

He has shown an innate ability to pull off THE shot at THE time–something that a certain Sunday red-clad gentleman perfected 15-20 years ago. 

Some compared Morikawa’s round yesterday to vintage Tiger: steady, methodical, take advantage when you can…and find the “guts” (for lack of a better word) to pull the trigger on a HUGE shot at the perfect time.

So it all may be hyperbole and when we look back in 15 years we’ll put Morikawa in the same category as Ben Curtis, Michael Campbell and Shaun Micheel (to name a few of the one-and-done Major Champions who were never competitive again in a major). 

Or we could be witnessing the birth of golf’s next superstar.

Either way, all I know is that starting yesterday, we will crown 6 major champions in the next 11 months. 

And the first Major of 2020 got us off to a great start…

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