McIlroy Slams Koepka Over Trash Talk

Rory McIlroy is the latest player to slam fellow Nike superstar Brooks Koepka over his recent series of trash talk at the PGA Championship.

Brooks Koepka

After the third round of the PGA Championship, Koepka trailed leader Dustin Johnson by one shot heading into the final round. 

When asked about it, Koepka made sure to note that Johnson “only” had one major victory. 

McIlroy, who has become a bit of a spokesperson for the game of golf, was not thrilled about it. 

“If he’s trying to play mind games, he’s trying to do it to the wrong person. I don’t think D.J. really gives much of a concern [to] that. But just different. I try to respect everyone out here. Everyone is a great player. If you’ve won a major championship, you’re a hell of a player. Doesn’t mean you’ve only won one: You’ve won one, and you’ve had to do a lot of good things to do that. I mean, sort of hard to knock a guy who’s got 21 wins on the PGA Tour, which is three times what Brooks has.”

Johnson did not end up holding onto the lead, but Kopek was nowhere near contention after the first couple of holes. 

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