McIlroy Rejects Favorable Ruling After Ball was Stepped on

Rory McIlroy is being praised today after rejecting a favorable ruling alongside the third green during Friday’s second round of the PGA Championship.

After a search for his ball, McIlroy found it buried deep into the grass just behind the bunker after a reporter accidentally stepped on it. 

Under the rules, McIlroy was entitled to replace the ball under the supervision of a rules official, however, he refused to accept what he believed was a favorable lie. 

Instead, he intentionally buried his ball into the rough and made a bogey. 

“Golf is a game of integrity and I never try to get away with anything out there,” McIlroy said after the round. 

McIlroy added that he could not be sure that his ball had a good lie prior to the reporter stepping on it. 

He is one-under par for the tournament after round two. 

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