Mondays With Mike Bradshaw: The PGA Championship

SCOREBOARD: Jack Nicklaus-18, Tiger Woods-15

After what seemed like a lifetime, we finally have our first major tournament of 2020 on tap with this week’s PGA Championship.  And, while the PGA has historically been the major with the least “buzz”, as a PGA Professional I think it’s great to see “my” major be the first of the 2020 season. 

TPC Harding Park PHOTO:Drngogo/Wikipedia

The PGA does historically have the strongest field in golf, as it is not subject to the qualifying rounds of the US Open and Open Championship nor the restricted (under 100 or so) field of the Masters.  And yes, while there are 20 PGA club professionals in the field this week at Harding Park, the remainder of the field is rock-solid and chock-full of Top-100 players. 

All of the Majors have a specific mystique to them.  The Masters is green jackets, Augusta and azaleas, the US Open is knee-high rough and extreme course conditions and the Open Championship is links golf and weather–lots of it. 

But the PGA, while moving from place to place each year, is all about the professionals and a fair test of golf.  Long lauded as the “most professionally run” of the major events, the PGA Championship is an event for professional golfers run by golf professionals–and on some high-caliber golf courses to boot. 

So sit back and enjoy the action this week–and don’t forget since it is in San Fran it’s “Primetime TV”–as we finally welcome the Majors to 2020…

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