Proposal to Develop Mulligan’s Island Unveiled – Read Documents HERE

Complete details of the proposed development of Mulligan’s Island have been released. 

This comes after the Cranston City Council heard the proposal from Massachusetts-based Coastal Partners LLC earlier this week. 

GolfNewsRI has obtained the documents, click the links below:

The Proposal

Coastal Partners proposal calls for the property to be renamed “Cranston Crossing” and for Costco be the center of the development. 

Costco will be going in Mulligan’s Island PHOTO: Flickr Commons/Public Domain

“The primary commercial element of the Cranston Crossing project is a new large-scale retail facility (wholesale club) propose on the central portion of the property. This portion of the redevelopment also includes a fueling station,” reads the proposal. 

The proposal continues, “Development to the north will consist of two undetermined commercial/retail/restaurant uses along the easter side of New London Avenue, as well as a fast food establishment with drive thru service on the southeast corner of the intersection of New London Ave and Howard ave.” 

The proposal also calls for a land swap for state land in the development. 

Benefits to the Project? 

So what do the developers believe are the benefits to such project? 

Well, they have this to say as part of the proposal.

“As the subject property is currently seasonally operated, the introduction of additional commercial enterprise and residences will be of substantial benefit to the City of Cranston. These benefits will most notably include a substantially larger amount of employment opportunities and tax revenue than this property is able to provide under existing conditions.” 

Site Walk-Through Set 

According to the Cranston City Council’s agenda posted on Tuesday, there will be a site walk through taking place on Tuesday, August 11 at 5:30 p.m. 

The walk through will be open to the public. 

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