BREAKING: Bar Area at Fairlawn Golf Course Ordered to Close

The bar and bar area at Fairlawn Golf Course has been ordered to close by the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH) for multiple violations of coronavirus safety protocols.

PHOTO: Nursinghomesnearme/flickr

According to RIDOH’s report, violations include employees not wearing masks, including bartenders, the cook and a third employee. Nor were they making an effort to social distance, among other violations.

“It is hereby ordered, that respondent is to immediately close its bar/bar area until such time as violations are remedied to the satisfaction of the Director of RIDOH,” reads the order.

It should be known that the golf course itself is not closing.

A call to Fairlawn has not yet been returned.

Read the Report Below

Summary of Violations

According to the RIDOH, Fairlawn Golf Course did not have a written plan nor did they maintain cleaning logs or screen customers who entered the establishment.

Employees were not wearing masks, including bartenders, the cook and a third employee who was working on a laptop.

There were multiple other violations listed in the report.

According to RIDOH, inspectors visited Fairlawn Golf Course multiple times over the last week or so and offered assistance to the club in order to get them compliant.

After continuous visits, the club was still not in compliance and scored just a 5/11 for overall compliance.

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