Cranston City Council President Farina Issues Statement on Mulligan’s Island

Cranston City Council President Michael Farina issued a statement on the reported sale of Mulligan’s Island. 

As GolfNewsRI reported on Sunday, Mulligan’s Island is under agreement to be purchased by Massachusetts-based Coastal Partners LLC. 

Farina Issued the Following Statement:

“The Planning Commission is required to review and approve/reject the proposal before it is presented to the City Council. It should be noted this is not the first time this type of development has been proposed to the City and as required by State Zoning statutes we will follow established procedures, as has been done in the past. With all applications, including those relate to zoning, the procedures in place ensure all involved are practicing their due diligence and there is complete transparency,” said Farina. 

He adds, “An essential part of the process is the involvement of the residents in the surrounding community. All residents will be invited to a site walk with the Developer, the Planning Commission, and the City Council Members which will be scheduled as part of the review process. The public will also be invite to provide testimony alongside the applicant at the Planning Commission meetings and the City Council meetings. Full transparency in the vetting process is crucial; we need to be mindful that responsible development is vital to the City of Cranston. We want to uphold these procedures so that future developers will continue to seek out Cranston as a business-friendly community.” 

Farina Blasts Ken Hopkins 

Farina went on to blast Cranston City Councilman Ken Hopkins after he expressed concern about the potetenial sale. 

Both Hopkins and Farina are running for Mayor of Cranston. 

“Ken Hopkin’s statement shows a pattern of impulsivity and not fully grasping the importance of due process. Although there are no procedural laws or Council guidelines that prohibit a councilperson from sharing his/her personal opinion on a proposed project. I believe it is incumbent upon elected officials to be unbiased until the prices has been completed. In this case, ringing the alarm before the project hs even been submitted shows a true lack of understanding in his role in the process. Essentially, all members of the City Council are acting as so-called “jurors,” and it is inappropriate in my opinion to make an official statement for or against a project until the applicant and residents can receive due process. I encourage all residents to keep sending me questions and their views on the proposal, residential feedback will weigh heavily on my decision through the vetting process,” said Farina.

Farina Concludes 

Farina wraps up his statement by saying, “When all the procedures have been followed, I fully expect the members of the City Council to be able to comment for or against this development including myself but we must respect the rights of the applicant to due process, to make their presentation in from to fate proper bodies and for the public to make their voices heard. I can promise to always act ethically, work for transparency, listen to our residents, act in the best interest of Cranston’s neighborhoods and protect our way of life.”

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