RI’s Faxon Tells Coaches to Not Let Players Keep Stats While They Play

With in depth statistics becoming more and more a part of the game of golf, Rhode Island’s Brad Faxon is telling golf coaches to keep them away from players during a round. 

Brad Faxon

“To all you golf coaches. If you want your players to shoot lower scores don’t let them write their stats down while they play.  The only thing that matters is their score, don’t let them remind themselves during the round of a missed 6’ putt.  Keep their brain seeing pictures,” said Faxon in a tweet on Monday afternoon.

Stats such as fairways hit, putts, greens in regulation are now easily trackable using apps, including the USGA GHIN app.

Faxon is not saying to not track those stats at all, he is saying to avoid doing it while playing. 

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