Peter Walsh: Electric Push Carts

So I recently played in a couple New England and Connecticut PGA events, and with the recent limitations on players in carts, the committee asked for volunteers to walk.

Electric push cart. PHOTO: Peter Walsh

I am always happy to walk, but I find myself getting tired either pushing a cart or just carrying my bag.

The solution was to buy an electric golf cart. 

1. Save on energy and reduce physical exertion

2. Prevent back and shoulder pain dues to carrying or pulling/pushing a hand cart

3. Encourage walking for better cardio health

4. Save money over ride in carts

5. More environmentally than gas power carts

So the one I went with is the PowerKaddy 7 w/GPS.

In my opinion, this is the highest quality cart with the best features that include a lithium battery.

Happy Golfing. Feel free to reach out for any questions in regard to your golf game or equipment.

Peter Walsh currently serves as the Head Golf Professional at Kings Crossing Country Club.  Prior to Kings Crossing Walsh was an assistant Golf Professional at Cape May National Golf Club in southern New Jersey under Pro Emeritus Skee Riegal, 1947 US Amateur Champion, 1951 second at Masters to Ben Hogan and Head Golf Professional, Russell O. Davis Philadelphia PGA teacher of the year.

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