East Prov Residents Call for No Commercial Building on Metacomet

A group of East Providence residents have created a petition in an effort to prevent commercial building on Metacomet Golf Club. 

Metacomet Golf Club PHOTO: Metacomet Media Gallery

The issue is set to be discussed on Tuesday’s meeting of the East Providence Cit Council. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. 

“We, the undersigned are objecting to the building up and destroying of property of the Metacomet Country Club. This entire area is an icon in this city. Destroying of this land will affect ALL of the residents. This area is peaceful and the building on this will take away one of our beautiful and peaceful open spaces as wee as our way of life that every resident in this city so deserves.We are asking the Mayor, Planning, Zoning and City Council to object to the current plans of the building on this land,” writes the group.

As of last check, the petition has more than 1,183 signatures on Change.org. 

Metacomet Latest 

As has been reported, Metacomet was bought by a group including Brad Faxon and then sold just a year later to Marshall Development. 

Marshall Development plans to redevelop the property into hotels, a mall and other things. 

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