Peter Walsh: Importance of a Pre-Golf Warm Up

One of the things some of us have rededicated ourselves to with our COVID confinement has been our fitness.

For golf it is especially important to have the proper muscles warmed up to use effectively.

PHOTO: Lynx Studios

How many of you run to the course, get clubs out of the car, run to the first tee and begin poorly.

I personally have added “golf specific” routines to my workouts, specifically designed to strengthen or stretch the “Golf Muscles”. 

Brian Cammarata, C.S.C.S is someone, whose routines, I have added to my workouts.

There is plenty of information out there to find ones that you can use.

Following is a post, with routine, set up by Brian. 

Brian is with Lynx Fitness Club, a strength coach and golf fitness coach certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Titleist Performance Institute.

Here’s a pre-round workout I’ve been giving my clients to get them loose before getting out on the first tee:

1. Half-Kneeling Hip Hinge x 8 per side

2. Wall Hip Abduction x 10 seconds per side

3. A-Frame x 10 each side

3. Standing Pigeon Stretch x 30 secs per side

4. Cross-Connect March x 10 per side

Watch the Video Below

Give it a shot!

Peter Walsh currently serves as the Head Golf Professional at Kings Crossing Country Club.  Prior to Kings Crossing Walsh was an assistant Golf Professional at Cape May National Golf Club in southern New Jersey under Pro Emeritus Skee Riegal, 1947 US Amateur Champion, 1951 second at Masters to Ben Hogan and Head Golf Professional, Russell O. Davis Philadelphia PGA teacher of the year.

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